Great Dismal Swamis

by The Great Dismal Swamis

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RZO Records- RZO-001
Recorded By GDS @ Jeff's Garage
Chesapeake, Virginia
Mixed and Mastered By Matt Katherman
Photos and Graphics Layout
By Andrea Rizzo


released February 1, 2013

Doug Duncan- BASS
Jeff Lomanno- Drums, Vox Organ
Stephen Marsh- Guitar
Jason Rowland- Vocals

All songs written and performed by Great Dismal Swamis
All Lyrics By Jason Rowland
GDS 2013



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


The Great Dismal Swamis Norfolk, Virginia

Garage Punk RNR band
From Norfolk, VA

SWAMIS 67' Special edition on Windian Records. GREEN VINYL
April, 2014
Swamis 4-song 7" vinyl EP
Fandango Records---- FR-036
*Debut S/T Album/ CD
Feb. 2013
RZO Records

Stephen Marsh-Guitar
Jeff Lomanno-Drums
Doug Duncan- Bass
Jason Rowland- Vocals
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Track Name: Death Mansions
Death Mansion

Eyes on the prize, like Jesus Christ
Multiplied and Divide
Got nothing to prove, if he’s wrong or right.
Shoot em Down, Shoot em Down
Kill, Kill, Kill
I’ve got the hives and chills
Turning shocking blue
Electric Chair

Back of my head, is a haunted place
Back of my head, is a mirror maze
Back of my head, are your remains
Back of my head, don’t Resuscitate
Back of my head, lays toxic waste
Back of my head, Mansion of Death.

Mangled and wrecked, mid- Atlantic Sin
Repent, Your Grand Exit
Ohhh, Give me Something
Or Give me Death.
Simmer Down, Simmer Down
Acid Bath
I’ve got the cloak of Death
Red Killing Moon
And its Murder Path

Back of my head, is a haunted place
Back of my head, is evil’s face
Back of my head, Incinerate
Back of my head, is loving hate
Back of my head, burdened space
Back of my head, Mansion of Death.

Eyes on the prize, like Jesus Christ
Crown of Thorns, so Divine
Got nothing to prove, if he’s wrong or right.
Simmer Down, Simmer Down
Acid Bath
Thin Lizzy Borden’s Ax
Reptilian Moon
And its Murder Path

Back of my head, most dangerous game
Back of my head, Lugosi’s Fangs
Back of my head, Dead Kennedy’s
Back of my head, Homicidal wish
Back of my head, the Olsen Twins
Back of my head, Mansion of Death.
Track Name: Parted Knight
Parted Knight

Everybody’s Movin’
Sinning and a Juicin’
Grinding and Infusing
Everybody’s Grabbin’
Elevator Action
Closing Time Subtraction

Push it to the Limit
Mashed to the Limit
Smash it to the Limit, Pushing back on.
Push it to the Limit
Max it to the Limit
Crash it to the Limit
Pushing back on

Hands start shaking
Mind Eraser
Petting and a Jerking Around
Swami Fever Spreading
Landing Strip Confessions, Howl
Helicopters Going Down

13th Floor Dividing
Drunken High Fivin’
Junking and a Jiving
Everybody’s Rockn’
Country Foot Stomping
Ya know those hips a Talkin’

(Repeat Push it limit verse)

Hands Start Shaking
Mind Erasing
Fooling and a Messin’ Around
Toes Start Tapping
Lips are smacking, south
Helicopters Going Down

Hands Start Shaking
Mind Eraser
Fooling and a Messin’ Around
Beers Start Smashing
Bodies Clapping, Sounds
This is your Parted Knight x4
Track Name: Painting with the Missing Eyes
Ohh, Fabulous Mausoleum
Dahmer might eat your brains
In the Garden of good and Eden
London ripper's slinging his blades, yeah, yeah

Hell Those Criminals

In the Misting, Fog’s Concealing
Terror in Francisco Bay
Black Dahlia
ya know she’s screaming
I’m the villain that got away, Yeah Yeah

Wild West, those Guns are Blazing
Dillinger robbed another bank
On the Hillside, ya know it’s strangling
Clowning Sins, John Wayne Gacy

Painting with the missing Eyes!

Repeat Verse 1

Hell those Criminals X4
Track Name: Outside Livin'
Rolled my Marbles, Gambled Paradise
Mashed on Over, Got skipped in Line
Mr. Shivers, I'm cold, Alone
Ruby Slippers, Won't ya take me home?
Thirty years and I'm so morose
Crashed my life, violent overdose
Lord have Mercy, Upon my Soul
Tried to Park, but the lot was Full

I'm Living on the Outside, Lately
Can't You Help?
And Let me IN, N, N.
Open the doors and let me IN

Angels clipped and cropped my hair
Met the Reaper, at the Spiral Stairs
Lost Souls Sliver, Grunts And Moans
Ruby Slippers Won't Ya Take me Home?
Had a cover, at the pearly Gates
Fire Pits; Reservations Wait
Guess Even In the Afterlife
I'm not Cool, to be let Inside
Track Name: Serpenteen
I indeed know, Teenage Vixen
that lies to me like a Dead Nixon
I don't want old dishpan Hands
That ain't whole, but fragments
I don't need ya TV picture
warping minds like the yellow scripture
I don't want your retro fiction
teasing hearts with your contradictions

I'm tired of being left in Second
Second hands points to mess
I'm tired of being wrecked in second
Second hand with nothing left

I don't need know rocket hipster
Weaving webs like a rotten spinster
I don't want some scheming smoothie
Snatching up this pirate's booty
Searching out for sacred hearted
All I found was loose, retarded
Ramparts like a slot machine
And I don't have spare changing
Track Name: I Don't Know
Ya know, I climbed the sweetest dream
With the twisty Vines
Beared All her fruits and wonders
On a midnight joyride
Ya know, she’s wildly perfect,
I pet her pussycat, Meow.
She asked me had I eaten
I said not till now

Here comes the Rapture
I’ll Bring the Mojo
She brought he answers
I don’t know

Cruised right down her sunset
Past Shady Lane
Took me through the ceiling
Carpet matched the drapes
Ya know we tossed and turned
My love is stuck on her
I’m done. Caught the Virus
But, I found the Cure

Repeat Chorus

Eyes Wide open Shut
She Could Rock N’ Rowland
Hip shack shaken touch
Heart Fulla Soul End
Took me to the back, undressed
And showed me things
Could have been the kiss of death
But I need her taste.

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Way Down
Six feet Under, Below the Grave
Spit up Dust, as my bones decayed
Forget, forgot, what you heard
the dead are howling, way down har

Way Down

Spoiled, coiled, and stuck in this muck
way Down, way down
Elated, deflated, afraid of the dark
Way down

Your invited, Won't Ya bring a Friend?
Ain't no Dying, when your already Dead
Run, Run, Run tell Dat
Graveyard party is where it's at

Way Down

Entombed in, been doomed in
but ready to shout
Way down
Siesta, Fiesta, A ghoul's night out
Way down

Sinking quick, I've capsized
Drinking down formaldehyde
Zipped, zapped, all sewn shut
worms are feasting on my skull
Way Down
Down, down
Way down low
Track Name: Canadian Tuxedo
Allegory, Alabama Murder story
sweet Chantilly Laced
Metaphoric demon explore ya
cute orgasmic face
Petrified, Crucified, Mr. Hyde
Plastered Drunken Dream
Super High, way past that Superfly
Foreign laser beams

I'm liking that tastes

Freezing cold, chilling out asshole
kitty keep me warm
Ain't ya gold?, blown outcha tadpole
slurping mountain girls
Poo-Pooing, the bastards, buffoon In
Slide, Slide, Aside
Ram jamming, the glittery passion
yielding pointed spikes
Track Name: Doomed by the Day
Disposed of all the reasoned
and cold winter seasoned
committed your countless treasons
from the waxing to the bleeding
Moon hides, dagger's eclipsing
and the substance I've been missing
these days, days so worried
douches, cowards, and sorry

And the night, ohh the night
is doomed by the day

Wildfires you kept Ablaze in
And you've found my replacement
cold shadows, burdened tracing
dictating and erasing
lost hours, erotic a thieving
this heartbreak, I'm leaving
traded moments of sought meaning
sold heaven for heathens

repeat chorus

You've off been Amazing
And wishful stargazing
Past out, days relapsing
while our future's been collapsing
Eyes locked, like some vultures
clouded hours of torture
secret notes, lust revealing
and the darkness hits the ceiling
Track Name: Cosmic Freak
Click your heels on the way to OZ
10,000 Gigawatts
Sa it backwards, I'll appear in dreams
Like Lionel Richie, dancing on the ceiling

Sightseeing, on a lunar course
Gravitational g- spot force
hit the road, interstellar creeps
from the heavens,
I'm your cosmic, cosmic freak

Comet's blast like a midnight rush
Out your galaxy, deep ass push
Splitting hairs with my demon touch
Secret tales of the succubus

Filled with fusion, a galactic crash
twist and turn, how the devil laughs
Past the planets, and the stars we weave
from the depths,
I'm your cosmic, cosmic freak

Afterburners melting carpet rash
Gripping curves how the devil grasps
Past the planets and the stars we weaved
from the heavens,
I'm your cosmic, cosmic freak